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Notice the straight vertical and horizontal lines going all the way through. That’s what independence looks like! 1 The probability I’m wearing a coat doesn’t change in response to the fact that it will be raining in a week. In other words, the probability that I’m wearing a coat and that it will rain next week is just the probability that I’m wearing a coat, times the probability that it will rain. They don’t interact.

When variables interact, there’s extra probability for particular pairs of variables and missing probability for others. There’s extra probability that I’m wearing a coat and it’s raining because the variables are correlated, they make each other more likely. It’s more likely that I’m wearing a coat on a day that it rains than the probability I wear a coat on one day and it rains on some other random day.

Chair No42 by Kai Kristiansen
Kai Kristiansen chair No42

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