This is  the various manufacturers that is and have been producing furniture for the Kai Kristiansen brand.

Risskov Møbelsnedkeri APS

Risskov Møbelsnedkeri / Risskov Furniture Carpentry was established in 2010 by furniture carpenters Leif Jensen and Per Andersen.

Risskov Møbelsnedkeri is classic craftsmanship and well thought-out design with a sense of form and function go hand in hand.

The optimal solution to the task in question, architects and designers like Kai Kristiansen can be involved in the process of developing exciting furniture and different interior design.

Risskov Møbelsnedkeri is a member of Dansk Møbelkontrol, the world’s oldest control organization for furniture, etc. established in 1959. Danish Furniture Control has leading Danish manufacturers of quality furniture as members.


Getama Danmark A/S

Getama is the name in genuine Danish Design Furnitures. Probably some of the most Danish design ever found.

The Getamafactory begins in 1899 in the northern Jutland town of Gedsted, where a young, innovative and enterprising carpenter named Carl Pedersen had the bright idea of ​​using the Limfjord’s large quantities of seaweed to make mattresses.

At a time when most mattresses consisted of straw or heather, it should prove that the need for more comfortable and resilient mattresses was great.

The assortment of mattresses was supplemented and in 1910 Gedsted Tang- og Mattressfabrik launched its first bed and furniture collection.

In 1953, therefore, Gedsted Tang and Madrasfabrik became Getama. After more than 100 years, Getama’s ambition to create innovative and architect-designed furniture for the retail and contract markets is still intact.


Miyazaki Chair Factory

About Miyazaki Chair Factory is a dedicated chair factory focused on the best craftsmanship possible. Miyazaki Chair Factory is innovative and create products that are comfortable to use and become your favorit in everyday life, continues improving wooden chairs. 

Today we are proud that Miyazaki Chair Factory  is producing both #42, Paper Knife, UNI series and more og Kai Kristiansens well known models.

Miyazaki Chair Factory combining design and technology, wooden chairs that are a result of creative and productive fusion between designers like Kar Kristiansen and craftsman. These criteria are applied in the workshop-style design development laboratory where Kai Kristiansen  and craftsman from Miyazaki Chair Factory experiment together, as well as in the production process where precisely machined products are refined by delicate manual finishing. Examining the significance of each theme, the objective is to create wooden chairs that are ever better and more innovative.


Brdr. Petersen

Danish Brdr. Petersen was established in 1973 as a furniture maker by twin brothers Egon and Erling. Through changing times, Brdr. Petersen has retained the same ethos of honesty and commitment to quality that initially laid the foundation of the furniture workshop. Located in an old farmhouse in the Danish countryside, a small team of dedicated upholsterers and craftsmen manufacture a carefully chosen range of furniture by some of the greatest Danish designers like Ib Kofod-Larsen, Vilhelm Lauritzen and Kai Kristiansen to a select audience worldwide.

Brdr. Petersen has always shown a  dedication to craftsmanship and upholstery work

Working with furniture designed by some of the greatest representatives of the proud Danish design heritage requires a high degree of respect. For the classics to be as relevant today as they were almost a century ago, the details and the simple principles involved in the original creation of the furniture have to be carried out exactly as intended, and with great care and craftsmanship. There is no room for compromise, and no room for rush. This is why we strive for excellence in every detail, and every single piece of furniture is made by hand with selective and authentic use of materials, carefully crafted to withstand a lifetime of use.



Magnus Olesen A/S

Magnus Olesen manufactures high quality furniture in cooperation with today´s leading designers. Magnus Olesen manufactured the 121 series (1956) which was designed by Kai Kristiansen. The 121 series (now known as Paper Knife and produced by Miyazaki Chair Factory)  was one of the most successful designs, it was a break through for Magnus Olesen both on the home and export markets, and it helped Magnus Olesen A/S expand.

Magnus Oleson also manufactured the Univers series (1965), designed by Kai Kristiansen witch, according to Kai Kristiansen self, was the “absolutely best effort, design-wise” in Kai Kristiansen´s many years of collaboration with Magnus Oleson.



Feldballes Møbelfabrik

Located in Aarhus, Denmark, Feldballes Møbelfabrik specialized in the production of wooden furniture, storage, and display items.

During the 1950s and ‘60s, the renowned Danish designer Kai Kristiansen designed for Feldballes. Known as a major proponent for the Danish modern style, Kristiansen favoured well-joined teak and rosewood in many of his designs for Feldballes Møbelfabrik, which included desks , sideboards , chairs , and wall units . Kai Kristiansens most successful design was the FM Reolsystem Wall Unit (1957). This modular shelving unit, which came in a variety of add-on shapes and sizes, realized great success, not only in Scandinavia, but throughout the rest of Europe and in the United States. Other notable designs by Kristiansen include the FM 59 Desk (1950s) and No. 70 Desk (c. 1958). Although that Kai Kristiansen was not the only designer to work for Feldballes Møbelfabrik, he was the most well-known.

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